Kamen Rider: Chou Climax Heroes Cheats For Wii

  1. Play as Fourze Fusion State

    To play as Fusion State, select Fourze, then tag, and pick base form. After that hold start and pick Meteor. Once at the vs screen, you'll be Fusion States.

    Contributed by: Dukun212 

  2. Extra Mission

    To input the password, go to "Super Heroes Mode" and in the map screen choose the 3rd option on top

    Ryuki, Kuuga, Decade, Agito, Blade, Kiva Accel and G3-X vs Scissors
    Decade, W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Den-O Agito vs Rider 1
    Kuuga, OOO, Blade, Kabuto, Agito, Wizard Den-O vs Odin
    Kiva, Fourze, Den-o, Decade, Kabuto, Agito Femme vs Ryuga
    W, Wizard, Agito, Den-o, OOO, Decade Fourze vs G3-X
    Wizard, Kabuto, Den-o, Hibiki, Decade, Faiz Hibiki vs Ryuki
    Ryuki, Wizard, Agito, Kiva, OOO, Den-O Meteor vs Zanki
    Faiz, Kabuto, OOO, Den O, Fourze, Kuuga OOO vs Eternal
    Faiz, Den-O, W, Wizard, Decade, Kuuga Saga vs Blade
    W, OOO, Wizard, Den-o, Kiva, Fourze Saga vs PunchHopper

    Contributed by: miakiszero