An interesting game that can be quite addictive at times, but requires too much fighting to level up.

User Rating: 7.2 | Kal Online PC
Intro: KAL Online was one of the first, if not the first, Korean MMORPG online. It is a free game which is always a bonus, has very stable servers and only a quick once a week maintenance. Its an interesting play and definetly worth a download!

Graphics: 8/10
Some aspects of the graphics are really nice, the character models have been done well and mostly the scenery looks good, except for some poor transitions between different textures of ground. Th enemies look fine, but very average compared to characters and a hit more work on them would have been nice. This is one of those games that really makes a difference if you have a good graphics card, with one you can see water rippling effects and even some trees rusting which looks fantastic!

Gameplay 6/10:
Generally the gameplay is very nice and especially at the beginning you will be addicted to it, but as you get further through the game you'll find it takes hours apon hours to level up and there is only one quest per level you have to fight the same monsters over and over again, sometimes for numerous levels! This can get very boring and frustrating.
The skills each class gets (Knight, Archer, Mage) are all quite interesting and provide lots of different ways to kill the enemies. Buyign your new set of amour is always a pleasurable experience and is a saving grace here.

Sound: 4/10
Those drums those drums those incessant drums! The background music of this game is the same annyoing drum beats over and over again! You very quickly turn them off and put your own music on instead! The sound effects are quite nice, especially when you cast magic. However they still are a little plain.

Replay Value 9/10:
Well, if you don't get annoyed at the levelling up process there is plenty here to do and good reasons to go back and play again with a different class! Plus, its an MMORPG so there always the option to party and adventure with others, which rarely gets boring!

Outro 7.2/10:
KAL Online is a good play and even though it can get boring once you get to a higher level for the early part of the game it is really enjoyable and will keep you addicted! So you owe it to yourself just to g and download it and try it out!