Going backwards from the Just Dance 2 to this game is a majorly disappointing shock to the system.

User Rating: 5 | Just Dance WII
After buying Just Dance 2 and absolutely loving it, I decided to give the first game in the series a shot. Within the first few minutes of play, the huge difference in quality was very apparent, unbelievably so. The totally uninspired dances are so repetitive and easy, you might fall asleep doing them if you aren't properly caffienated. Choruses are sleepwalked through, breakdowns in the songs are ignored, many of the dance moves are lame and unattractive--even so, its hard to get a high score since the motion controls are frustratingly unresponsive most of the time. I scored about 75% misses in most of the songs--and I'm actually a pretty good dancer in real life!

The one exception in the game is The Caesars song 'Jerk It Out'. The dancer is a charming rendition of the cliche nerd, suspenders and all. The chroreography is so creative, and it's a lot of fun to do. And there's something oddly sexy about the bizarre nerdy character...don't ask why, I don't know.