If you ever wanted to be part of New Kids On The Block, your dream is about to come true.

User Rating: 8 | Just Dance WII
There's no way to review this game as mediocre. It doesn't fail in the purpose that it was made: to cheer up a friend's party.

Since I was born, I never knew how to dance (while sober), but this game can make you feel like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (or whoever you want to be).

Motion controls answers quite good if you're able to feel the music's choreography. You don't have to be a russian dancer to get rythm and memorize the dance patterns from song to song.

You can see clearly that the developers didn't worried much about the visuals, which are very modest. But, when you're worried about filling your points bar, graphics are just a (pointless) detail.

Tracklist is great, fulfilled with lots of classics. Most of songs will be on your head for days after playing this game for a few hours.

Must-have for Wii owners.