User Rating: 7 | Just Dance WII
Well, this game is very embarrassing in front of people, but hey, 5.5 is way too low for this game. I'd give it a 7. Ok, as I do in every one of reviews, I'll talk about the statistics...

Controls: 5/10 (middling)
Well, It is pretty hard to make good moves on this game, but it's better than putting your feet on giant buttons, like in DDR. That makes you look like an idiot, it's not really dancing...

Gameplay: 7/10 (Adequate) Like I said, its better than DDR because you're actually dancing.

Camera: 7/10 (Adequate) I'ts centered pretty well on the dancer. Not much problems...

Sound: 9/10 (Sublime)
Isn't this game supposed to be a music and dancing game?! Not too bad songs in my opinion, but in the sequel, too much bad songs (In my opinion...).
There is good songs, like Eye of the Tiger, Who Let the Dogs Out, Jerk it Out, and songs like that.

Value: 6/10 (Average)
I don't remember... Did this cost $50 when it came out? If it did cost that much, there is no way I'm buying it until the price lowers down to $30.

Humor 8/10 (magnificent)

It's really funny when others are playing, not when you are playing...

Multiplayer: 7/10 (adequate)
The multiplayer is when there are two players on the same song, well, it is kinda good. Well, I usually lose, but, its fun no matter how much you lose.

Plot N/A/10

Plotless... No story whatsoever...

Graphics: 5/10 (middling)

Graphics don't matter too much in this game, but the dancers on the screen are kinda blurry when they move. Don't you think?

Value (replay) 8/10 (magnificent)

It lasts tons of time, because if you have two Wii remotes or more, you can have epic, embarrassing fun in parties, until the songs and dance moves get old... But, win or lose, it lasts a long time!

Overall 7/10 (adequate)

Ok, recap, this game is epic, though embarrassing, fun. This game needed to drop twenty bucks before I would consider buying it. The songs are pretty darn good. The controls and gameplay are more than just stepping on giant buttons all the time. It lasts a long time. And, very funny when you aren't playing, and somebody else is playing.

Well, guess my work here is done, stay tuned for my next review!