Sure, The controls might stink, but that doen't mean it's bad? It's a Dancing Game!

User Rating: 7.5 | Just Dance WII
I have not written a review in a while, so I decided to write on on Just Dance.
I saw everyone else playing it, and just had to join in.

Graphics: 6/10. I have to say, the graphics are kind of pretty. But where in the world did everyone's faces go?! Graphics get a 6.

Gameplay: 9/10. The gameplay is addicting. Some "It's just lame dance moves..." but it can be aerobic and fun for some songs.

Storyline: What Storyline?

Controls: 1/10. I.. HATE...the...controls. Sometimes I don't even use a remote dancing. I just dance along with my family.

Difficulty: I don't know what to put here. Maybe my screaming over controls will help with this category.

Music: 10/10 I like these songs! One of my favorites is on there, Hot and Cold! I find myself singing to these songs.

Sound: 5/10. Uhhh.... Just little pings for reminders.

Final word: How did I enjoy this game? Well all I did was Just Dance, and I had fun doing so.