A party game at it's core. Nothin' more, nothin' less.

User Rating: 7 | Just Dance WII
Just Dance, a tricky beast to kill. I can simply state this:
Just Dance is a party game, and always will be.
If you expect a life-altering experience look elsewhere.
If you want a causual game that can help burn a few calories with good freinds, this is your game!
The track list consists of pop songs we've all heard before, most of which are older titles. Mentionable tracks are:

"Can't Touch this."
"Pump up the dance"
"I like to move it (move it)"

All of these are songs we know, even if we don't like 'em.

The game is a silly game the makes you do all the (goofy) classic dances, from the sprinkler to the lawnmower.

It is a silly game, but it's easy to get into it and not feel embarassed because chances are you have a whole group of friends doing the same thing (Or trying).

Controls are buggy and somewhat unresponsive at times, but it doesn't actually matter in the standard mode (Chances are, that's the only one you'll ever play)

It's not a great game, and it's sure as hell no Modern Warfare, but I bet most audiences under 30 looking for an excuse to act like an idiot, this game is certain to amuse.

I had my score decided after I played the game twice, but dusted it off a few more times before making my final decision.

Just Dance scores a (very) solid score of 7.0. But it would be higher if the game was more well toned in parts.
Ol' Ubisoft could've done a little more testing, but the game is a great party game, as long as the party lasts anyway.