Great for multi player, but you'll only be using it for single player if you aren't an easily embarrassed person

User Rating: 6.5 | Just Dance WII
Just Dance is a fun game to play at parties and can be a real blast when you have some friends or relatives round for a visit. Though single player is shallow and I get too embarrassed to play it alone anyway, even if there is no one around

So what do you do in Just Dance. Well you just dance... holding a wii-mote in your right hand. The dance sequences are well choreographed and are fun (if you don't get embarrassed easily). There will be a set of stick people at the bottom of the screen showing you what the next dance move will be, but they are a little vague so aren't much help. There is also a shadow of the dancer performing the moves just before the dancer too. But the only way to actually learn the moves good enough to score decently is to just keep practising. The dances will either be very tiring or nothing depending on how much effort you put in. This should be a better work out than Wii Fit (unless you do jogging non stop on Wii Fit)

One major issue I have is that the game doesn't register properly. You can repeat a move and the game won't register it. Or sometimes you can do something random and the game will register it as a perfect move. This technical issue is what wrecks the game for me. Admittedly, I'm not the best dancer in the world, but having doing dance at Youth Theatre for 3 years, I should have picked up a sense of rhythm by now.

Gripes aside, this is real fun with other people. You don't even need a wii-mote to join in, you just won't get a score. Honestly I prefer playing without the wii-mote; more freedom with your right hand - it doesn't feel as confining. It's hilarious as you all prance about the room like idiots, laughing at each other's mistakes.

Graphically it's nothing spectacular, it has a psychedelic feel with bright pink/blue/green ect backgrounds.

As for music there should be something for everyone with I like to Move it, Hot 'n Cold, Kids of America, Eye of the Tiger and many others.

So in conclusion, if you see this for a decent price, go pick it up for use at parties or when you have guests. Single player may be a blast to those who aren't as easily embarrassed as I am and those who are willing to overlook the technical problems. But for me I felt more awkwardness and embarasment than fun. In one sentence this game is... Great for multi player, but not so for single player.