User Rating: 2.5 | Just Dance WII
just dance such a terrible game. there are maybe 3 good songs on that list hot n cold, eye of the tiger, cant get you out of my head. just read this so you know how bad it is.

graphics:the graphics are not to terrible. but they are not good. 5/10

gameplay: you dance to some terrible songs with terrible moves 1.5/10

controls: the controls do not work!!! trust me I tried to et a good score on some songs. but that just is'nt possible because of the controls. OH! and amazingly enough I got a great on a move that was NOT supposed to be pulled off! unbeliveable 0/10

music/sound: there are 3 good songs as I mentioned but all the rest suck balls! it even says on the box over 30 of the greatest songs or something. cotton eyed Joe...who let the dogs out what the heck are these doing in the game!!!! 2/10

overall:as you can plainly see this game sucks ubisoft should be ashamed of themselves for making this!!! 2.5/10