I am dancing in my seat while I'm writing this! I'm dancing around when I talk about it. I love this game!

User Rating: 10 | Just Dance WII
Very simple! Very funny! Can be sweaty! I'm a COD Girl but this is great! I don't understand the bad reviews. I rely on reviews heavily but this is one time that the critics just got it wrong and I had to say something. Sometimes the points don't seem to register correctly but I think it could be because I am using the Wii Motion Plus sensor. I like it more than DDR though and I hope they come out with more I will buy them. It would be nice if I knew how many calories I was burning though. The song selection is for everybody. Seriously 17-55 there is a song you will want to dance too. If you have ever tried Zumba you will like this game. If you just like to dance around and don't care about looking like an idiot you will like this game. If you dance in the car when your favorite song comes on you will like this game. If you ever tried to dance like MC Hammer you will like this game. They even have the lyrics on the screen if you want to try to dance and sing. I really get into this game and I'm usually sweaty and out of breath in no time. Some songs are pretty easy to dance to and some are a bit more challenging. I have to pace myself with this game because I don't want it to get to old to quick. It's great for laughs and a great family game too. I even got my boyfriend to play. Anyway time to turn off MAG, stop writing this review and JUST DANCE.