Great with other people and a good work out

User Rating: 8 | Just Dance WII
This game is just fun! The dance moves are great and can really cause some people to start cracking up if your dancing it perfect, or at least trying to. It's a fun game for the whole family, no matter what your age you'll have lots of fun. It does make you feel like your working out but a lot more fun than working out. Plus you'll have some new dance moves to show off to your friends and at the dance.

The only bad thing is that there are about only 30 songs, and even though most of them are great and fun to dance to, it would've been nice to unlock some or somehow get more.

I haven't played it by myself at all, but I do think it's better for a party, with your friends/relatives, or the family.

This game is worth buying if you love to party or get your funk on and your not afraid to show it!