While it may be an average attempt, Just Dance is a OK-ish multiplayer game for the Wii.

User Rating: 5 | Just Dance WII

In 2009, Ubisoft released a dance game for the Wii called Just Dance. My sister got this game in 2011. The aim of the game is to mimic the person's dance moves to a certain track like Hot n Cold, Pump up the Jam and That's the Way (I Like It). You get points for every move you perform correctly. At the end of the song, you will get an overall grade, depending on how much points you earned throughout the song. You can play a short version of the song or the full version. There are other modes in the game as well, which are Practice mode, where you can practice a certain song to get better, Strike a Pose mode, where you have to stop when it tells you to and Last Man Standing, where each player with the least points gets knocked out.

While the game is good for the multiplayer and the music, the game suffers from lack of content, poor motion controls and a weird grading system. This game is OK for the most part, but I suggest getting the sequels to this game, as there is not much fun to be had with this title.