One of the best Just Dance games so far.

User Rating: 8 | Just Dance 4 WII

I love this game! This game is great! The gameplay is spot on, song list is quite spread and even, the controls could've been better but was still awesome! My only critic and the only thing I hate about it is that it has too many Wii U & PS3 Exclusives, wether it be songs, Mash-Ups or even modes, but another thing that has been bothering me is that on the Wii U, XBox 360 & PS3, the DLCs only cost $3,99 or rupiahs, Rp. 52,000,-, while for the Wii, they cost 300 Wii Points, that costs $5 or rupiahs, Rp. 65,000. That may not seems as much of a difference but 1000 Wii Points can only but me 3 songs at most, meaning that I would've payed $15 dollars where all the other consoles only have to pay $11.97. It's just not fair. But still a really fun game, highly recommend it on the Wii U.