One of the Wii's best. The duet's offer a super fun multiplayer experience that rivals Rock Band & Mario Kart.

User Rating: 8.5 | Just Dance 2 (Best Buy Edition) WII
Absolutely one the best console games made in the past five years. As a staunch critic of Ubisolt, I was so surprised at the uncharacteristic level of quality and care put in this game--a level they usually reserve for games like their Assassin's Creed or Far Cry series. In Just Dance 2, each song and dancer has it's own unique theme and often very elaborate costume (see Professor The dances are choreographed at every skill level so that even the lousiest dancer has a variety of easy songs to choose from. And more importantly, there's a large variety of more difficult routines for the more experienced dancer--a major improvement over the original, which was a total snore for anyone with the slightest bit of rhythm. The song selection is a great mix of genres that includes the obvious hip hop, pop, r&b--and your less obvious genres including motown, techno, pop punk, funk, latin, and others. The download store is awesome, which releases a new song and dance every so couple of weeks or so, which gives you even more variety.
The best part of the game is the duets. Disco dancing truly is more fun with a partner! Another addition to the game's format is the Just Sweat mode. This is a workout type program that you customize to fit your exercise goal, and it keeps track of how many dances you do each day/week. I must brag that I've lost weight playing this game. :-)
The only real issue I have the with the game is the inability to choose which dancer you want to be when you do a duet by yourself. It automatically makes you the dancer on the left, which sucks for me when the girl is on the right!