The Revolution of Dancing in a game?

User Rating: 6.5 | Just Dance 2 (Best Buy Edition) WII
Well, I'll make this review brief since there is not a lot that I can cover on this game. Please note that I haven't played the first one. So, every remark I make will not go in accord to the first game...Just pretend that the first one doesn't exist. I don't know how else to say it. Anyways, let's begin.

Just Dance (2) is a dancing game that builds up excitement for dancing and it can be a pretty fun game at times, especially since you sweat your ass off after two or three songs. It's great exercise and that is one of the biggest pros of the game. They have a lot of great dancing music and it's really fun having battles between family or friends. The battles are the fun and intense moments of the game. Now, that's the end with the pros. It might be a short paragraph, but oh well, let's advance into the...

The greatest pro of the game is it provides a substantial amount of exercise, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot of flaws to the game. The problem with this game is that it looks like the developers want to specifically appeal to a lot of females instead of males or both. A lot of the songs are on the pop side with only females singing from Kesha to Avril Lavigne. It might have "some" variety like for instance, it contains a few rock songs or hip hop. I'm not saying I don't like Pop. Just that I don't want to be dancing like a girl throughout all of these pop songs. That's the problem; that the majority of the songs consist of dances made specifically for women. I'm pretty sure women aren't the only ones who want to play a dancing game. Just look at your competitor: Dance Central or maybe that came out a few months after, but still, it's kind of a disappointment. Anywho, there's also the amount of songs contained in this package. Now see, I rented this game from a nearby Blockbuster to try and see if it's worth the buy. I'll just go on and say right now that it's not worth the buy. I would rather you go out and get some fun out of Dance Central. This game only has around 30 songs in it, which is pretty shameful if you ask me. So, that only means that it doesn't have a lot of replay-ability value and that it's only worth a rent. That's pretty bad for the developers. I want a dancing game to have, if not as much, close to the amount of songs that other music games have like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Those have a lot of replayability value. Also, the game needs to offer more help with dancing. Not everyone who goes into the game is a total dancing professional. Sorry if I blew your bubbles, Ubisoft, that I'm not a pro. Honestly, there are not a lot of people who can say that they're good dancers, but you can make them into good dancers. You know how? By providing a step-by-step scheme and at the very end, replay the whole song with all of the steps you've just learned, put together. That makes sense. This game just blasts off the minute you start, with no difficulty preferences whatsoever.

Well, as you can see, the pros was a little paragraph and the cons was a big chunk of words. So, I'll leave you to decide what I feel about the game. If you're a great dancer and a female, you'll enjoy this game, but if you're a male gamer, not so much. So as a male, I would only recommend a rent out of this game. I think I'll have much more fun, playing Dance Central. Thank you for listening and I hope you make the right choice.