impressed by music, and choreography, fun multiplayer modes; it sucks you in right away

User Rating: 8 | Just Dance 2 (Best Buy Edition) WII
Some of the choreography is what you find in the music videos in a few of the songs. And the songs are all over the place, from old school soul to current top 40. You can play by sort of cheating the choreography and just having the controller in the right place at the right time... a plus for anyone not too excited about looking like an idiot (on first dates for instance). What will not happen if you buy the game is that doomed feeling you get when you know you just bought something that is in a "5 dollar" bin somewhere else. :) You cannot choose your level of difficulty, but in some ways that adds to the fun... particularly if going in, you have some familiarity and don't want to spend time waiting for your group to catch up so that you can actually be challenged. People that are unwilling to play at first will join in without much struggle!