Addictive and great for workout, perfect for times but it has a little bit long loading times.

User Rating: 10 | Just Dance 2 (Best Buy Edition) WII
I was just browsing Wii games when I came up to this one. It seemed good and my sister also liked it so we decided to buy it and, believe me, it was really worth the time.When I held the Wii Remote and started dancing, I just couldn't stop.It is enjoyable and many famous songs are on it. You can even download more from the Wii Shop.The choreographies are silly and for both boys and girls and the graphics are enchanting and make the dancers easy to follow.Moreover, it is excellent for parties.I invited my friends to come to my home and we played JD2.We couldn't stop chuckling with each other and we also sang to the songs with the lyrics included in the game.The only disadvantages in the game are the long loading times, because you have to wait more than enough for the song to load or to go to the main menu.The other drawback is that even though the controls are better than the first Just Dance game, th tracking system is still not the perfect.In conclusion, JD2 is a really fun and innovative game that its prons surpass its cons.