Just Cause -- Violent

User Rating: 5 | Just Cause PC
Before buying this game examine your style of play. If you have 2 or 3 hours to spend at one sitting, it might be okay. But a lack of a game save at any time makes this game a difficult one.

Now I have played up to mission 12. with a new PC.

Good points: Beautiful graphics, good responsiveness, multiple solutions to various problems.

Bad Points: Extremely violent. No quick save. Vehicles and enemies appear from nowhere. Very limited stealth. (no crouch feature). Stingy health refreshes: after leaving a safehouse, you have to kill soldiers to get health packs!

My advise is that this is an adult game. To avoid violence don't do side missions like liberations; it is very difficult to distinguish between the police and the rebels. The item collections are a waste of time. The fun is going from one mission briefing to another and solving problems in a clever but effective way. The vehicles are numerous and easy to commandeer. No one takes keys from their cars, planes, boats, and helicopters,