A very fun and addictive game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Just Cause PC
Just Cause was one of those games I tried out, just because I like ridiculous defying-the-laws-of-physics-or-anything-that-has-to-do-with-normal stunts and action.

I do not care much about graphics in a game, nor do I have high demands when it comes to them, but this game decides not to fail on both gameplay and graphics, and I have to admit, it is pretty awesome flying around in a beautifully rendered environment (and once again, I do not care about graphics much).

The gameplay is awesome and very entertaining...for example:

You're just flying around in your airplane over the islands, and you see another plane coming your way. Any normal pilot would just quickly turn around, but obviously, that pilot is not Rico Rodriguez who happens to jump out of his seat, grabbing the wing of his plane, and grabbing the wing of the other plane, and politely throwing the pilot out...on what certainly isn't a nice height to fall from.

That is only one of the insane stunts you can pull off, and ofcourse, given the situation you are in, those stunts can be much much more insane (My car was actually flying over the cliff once but it just isn't that awesome if Rico isn't on the roof of it). The action is fun and, what is very pleasant, nicely completes the game (we all know the games that have some great stuff, but something else in the game just ruins it).

This game, in my opinion, is a success, and is worth buying.