User Rating: 6 | Just Cause X360
In Just Cause you play as Rico Rodriguez who must save a island from the army with the help of a resistance and drug dealers. In the game you can drive just about every vehicle from a motorcycle to a airplane, while on these vehicles you can go into the stunt position on top of the vehicle and while doing this you have time to jump off, jump to another vehicle, or on some vehicles you can activate your parachute. You can also go to your safe houses and save good vehicles in a garage, get new guns, more ammo, heal your self, and save your game at a satellite up link. Your guns are pretty powerful, but the sound effects are weak to what it`s supposed to sound like. Rico and also swim instead of taking a boat, but this is slow and boring. Driving is also a hassle having to drive around this 250,000 acres of island and every once in a while you will come in contact with the military and they will relentlessly hunt you to every acre of the island from land to water, even air. This game is okay if your looking for a little fun, but that's about it.