very hard but worth playing

User Rating: 7.5 | Just Cause PS2
just cause is a actoin adventure game which is set on the islands of mexico where you are rico rodireguz a top secret agent who has beeen called in to hunt down evil presdinent m.salvdor who is ruining the country and is making the police force and the milltray bigger and badder and creating a force of his own called the black hand which works in the capital san esprito and big need to complete 13 missons and to do that you need support and that surpport comes from an army called the gurreilas where they help you liberate provinces but you also have 89 mehtods of transpot such as cars,moterbikes,planes,jets,boats,choppers at your disposal.when you have compleated the missons you have the chance to explore 2205 km of land,sea and air this game is great but the missons are extremly hard it took me a year to compleate misson 7 because its impossible and affter a year or two of play it gets dull and down so it deserverves a 7.5.