A cross between GTA and Far Cry (with a grappling hook), Just Cause is a brief game with plenty of action.

User Rating: 8.1 | Just Cause X360
Just Cause has taken all of the carjacking, 3rd person action if GTA, nixes the sexual atrocities, and creates a freeroaming game that will be well worth your 13 hours of story mode.

Playing as Rico Rodriguez, a Latino field operative sent by the USA to perform regime change in the Carribean on the island of San Esperito, you are tasked with much government butt to shoot, blow up, and run over. From the moment you drop into the air above San Esperito, you will be stunned by the awesome graphics of Just Cause. As you and your American allies dodge the corrupt authorities of El Presidente Mendoza, you will be stunned by the clear quality of the explosions you create.

The action is neverending. You will cross a virtual 250,000 lush island acres, using your grappling hook to swing from car to car to helicopter to luxury jet.
Plus, you will frequently ally with drug cartels and anti-government guerillas to liberate cities and overtake rival cartels' headquarters. You will net yourself a boatload of Gamerscore points, awarding bonuses for completing story mode milestones, avoiding the corrupt authorities, collecting items, and liberating areas from the government's evil hand.
Even after the 13 hours of story mode, you will continue to fight for the drug cartels and you will still have many missions to run for the guerillas to eliminate the last throes of governement from the cities of San Esperito.

The soundtrack features all sorts of music that you would expect from a game set in the Carribean, and it plays peaceful music during freefalls, and stronger music when you are in battle.

Even though it costs $60 and features no multiplay, it is still a great alternative to the mindless violence of GTA, especially for those lacking XBox Live.