Just Cause is the ultimate stunt-man game. Any free-roam is great for any gamer. The game is a great starter.

User Rating: 7.5 | Just Cause PC
Just Cause is an action movie. The cinematics aren't great, but the game makes up in the grand theft auto everything. The game has many vehicles, and you have access to one of each type of vehicle. You can venture the land, the air, and the sea. In the many islands, you can liberate cities from the government and local gangs. The one gun that makes this game special is it's grappling gun. The gun can attach to any vehicle; from there, you can take over the vehicle.
The story is a classic rebellion story. You are a one man army, and you have a massive arsenal as you play the game. The physics are very real and life like, but you can get shot as many times as you want and all you need to pick up health. You have an extreme amount of health, your practically invincible.
Just Cause is just the beginning. Just Cause 2, I've heard, has improved so much from here.