An epic game, to put it simply

User Rating: 9 | Just Cause 2 PC
Just Cause 2 is a blast. It has pretty dang good graphics, a decent story, an amazing game engine, and over all just an amazing experience. Here are some of my favorite features:

Explosions: Because who doesn't like explosions? Almost *everything* explodes, and its fun just, well, blowing stuff up.

Realistic Physics: The game engine is really good and mimicing real life physics. If you want to pull off a vertical take off, you can. There are a few things that I'd have like worked out (for example, airplanes and land vehicles being able to go in water without blowing up, or making it so that 2 airplanes can touch without both of them igniting in a fire explosion), but other that that, it is incredibly realistic.

Decent Replay Value: Its fun playing again even after beating the storyline to get more chaos points. Because in this game, causing chaos is a whole lot of fun, guns, and explosions.

Overall, it's an amazing game, although there are a few glitches, and melee combat could've used a bit more working. I'd recommend to just about anybody. 9/10