The game that every one should own,that no one even tryed.

User Rating: 10 | Just Cause 2 PC
Very few games gave me the bang for the buck like this one. were talking penny's for for hours.Hundreds of unique vechicles,tons of fun weapons,lots to power up, and miles up on miles of beautiful terrain to explore. But over all the the most important thing about this game is it unique mechanics such as the grappling hook and parachute that are only limited to your imagination.there's no grater fun to be had then hooking a moving jeep to the road and watching the baddies go flying true the wind screen or ,hanging them to the ceiling,or strapping them to propane tank before you shoot it a hundred miles into the atmosphere.thats only one such example of how this game plays.

Its a true shame that very few have heard of this game let alone played it.If you find it snatch it up.its a true solution to the first person blahs.this game deserves a 10 just becuase of it replay value.i have over 100 hours put and im not even close to full completion. this is what a game should be: all play.
ive got more fun out of this game then most of the blockbuster titles of the last 5 years put together.