Like blowing stuff up? Get this game. Hate grinding? Ditch this game.

User Rating: 4 | Just Cause 2 PC
With me not playing Just Cause 1, it's really hard to tell the differences between these 2 games and how they've improved. All I know about is that you are still playing as Rico Rodriguez, a person carrying guns from the "The Agency". This is vague. But all you ever do is blow stuff up, blow more stuff up and cause chaos.

1) Fun.
One word only. Fun. Blowing stuff up, tethering objects to each other are fun. Especially if you tether an enemy to the back of you car/plane/helicopter. *Bloody* fun. That's not all. You have an infinite supply of parachutes on you, which you can deploy, redeploy, and keep on deploying it. You also have a grappling hook, which you can use together (or without) with the parachute to act like spiderman, swinging from place to place.

2) Sandbox.
Open-worlds. Who doesn't want a GTA-like game which includes blowing buildings up using a heli, blowing tons of stuff at military installations. This game is set in the island of Panau. It's HUGE. Yes. Huge. Much bigger than that of GTA San Andreas. Panau makes San Andreas look like an ant on a piece of blank paper. You can do literally anything you want (as long as you are not on a mission), from causing tons of wreckage, to just plain hijacking cars when they're moving.

3) Guns! Vehicles!
Tons of guns and vehicles to select from, you can even dual wield your weapons. Sawn-off with pistol, SMG with sawn-off etc etc. As long as the gun you are wielding are both one-handed, they can be dual wielded. Mashing both of your mouse buttons is somewhat fun (for your fingers), however, driving a jet plane, a passenger jet, a military helicopter is much more satisfying than just purely mashing up both your mouse buttons when in dual wield.

1) Bad Aiming.
Good weaponry, good military vehicles aren't really of any use when you are experiencing a bad headache and is trying to take down one of those goons which Pandak Panay sends your way. The aiming system is just like that. Seems that Rico has a terrible headache and is trying to act all hero, taking down 5 or 6 soldiers at once. Simply put, all (most) of your shots miss your enemies.

2) Bad Damage System.
Well, taking a few shots in the body ain't anything for Rico. It ain't anything for the guards/soldiers in the game either. You *have* to land a headshot (without missing -- pure luck) to instantly kill an enemy. Compare this to the damage system of GTA IV. Shoot the person a few times in the abdomen, he's dead. In Just Cause 2, trying to shoot down enemies is like trying to shoot down Alex Mercer (Prototype reference) when he's in his armoured state.

3) Bad Car Handling.
Some of the cars handle alright. Some of the other cars make you feel like you're driving a brick. Some other cars make you feel like you are driving without tire threads. Cars do not respond well enough. Some cars feel so heavy that you feel like you are driving (as fore-mentioned) a brick. Some cars feel so light that they (attempt) to drift by themselves whenever you make a corner.

4) Mindless.
Mindless is a phrase for this game. Totally. There is a really bad storyline, bad characters, bad voice actors. Storyline does not really have a deep plot, making the game miserably shallow. Characters don't really have a big impact on the plot. It's all about you, you, you. Voice actors sound like Singaporeans. Understandably, it's an island in South East Asia. Even if I am a 100% Chinese born/living in Singapore, I still feel that the voices are too exaggerated in the game. No one in Singapore (or maybe South East Asia) talks like that. With the exception of Rosie Phua and/or Phua Chu Kang. (sitcom series Phua Chu Kang -- search it on YouTube).

*this is going to be long*

When you stand on a car when they're driving, all of the characters will be screaming (of sorts) "You siao ah?!" (Singapore slang for "Are you nuts?!") and some other line which is *somehow* SG/M'sia based. Even the guard who calls for backup. Asians DO NOT speak that badly, even for a police officer/guard. Hello, give us some dignity.

Forget about voice acting. In between missions, all you ever do is blow up stuff to gain "ranking" with the faction you are currently tied to. Then they'll give you your next job. This mindless grinding really gets boring when you do the 3rd or 4th mission altogether -- Do mission, capture this place, blow stuff up, do another mission, blow another place up, blow more stuff up, get another mission, kill this person, blow blow blow blow. Don't make me add "job" in. Nah, just kidding.

Missions are very repetitive, all it tells you to do is go here, capture, go there, kill, go here, get this, go there, get that.

Final Conclusion:
If you really are a explosion fanatic, you might want to get this game. If not, stay away from this game if you hate grinding/explosions. And if you are going for storyline-driven game, go for GTA IV. If you want more realism, go for GTA IV as well.

This game practically bores me out -- It's my own opinion. Criticise it however you like.