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User Rating: 9.5 | Just Cause 2 PC
I will start off from the very thing that got me hooked to this game.
It's the map. This game has the second biggest game map ever created to date (I was told that FUEL has the biggest map which is 5,560 square miles)

Just cause 2 map is 37 by 37 kilometers. A couple of kilometers on each side of the square map is water, so let's go by 35 by 35 kilometers. Multiply 35 by 35 and there you go - you have 1,225 square kilometers of map to explore, give or take 100 square kilometers.

For the comparison, let's take the Fallout 3 map. That map is about 35 square kilometers.
The Oblivion 4 map is roughly the same size.
GTA 3 is 35-36 square kilometers
GTA 4 is 15 square kilometers
And I thought the Far Cry 2 map was huge. It's 50 square kilometers.
The ARMA 2 map was definitely the biggest one before Just Cause 2 stepped in. The most important reason why i bought the disappointingly unoptimized ARMA 2 is to simply explore the roughly 400 square kilometers map.

I remember wondering when I was younger if they would ever make a big enough map for a game which I could explore for days and days and days. I thought they finally did that with Arma 2, and despite the fact that I still could not play the game on maximum settings even when my rig should have easily taken on almost 2 ARMA 2's (According to the "recommended settings"), I still loved the fact that I could enjoy the country-side that I haven't been to in years.

The second thing is that we ACTUALLY have directx 10 in this game. FINALLY, how many more directx 9 games are we going to have? We have directx 11 already, so what's the deal? The directx 10 pretty much seals the deal and completes the game map that I still cannot believe they made. I also cannot believe that the entire game fits on a DVD, how the HELL do they pull that off? shouldn't the map this size be at least 30 GB? I mean Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure is like a 30-35 GB game.

Well, the third thing is... Ah what the hell, you know the rest. Complete freedom of action, unrealistic stunts, the temporary to permanent abandonment of the laws of physics, infinite parachute, a hundred of drivable vehicles, a cute Easter egg, the Hatch from the first and second seasons of LOST, the pleasure of having to spend 20 minutes just to fly from one end of the map to another on a stolen government jet, the joy of swimming in the sea (wish they had sharks though), the eye candy explosions that you never get tired off, the realistic driving of the vehicles (aside from the way they rotate in mid air sometimes), the realistic damage to the PARTS OF THE VEHICLES THAT WERE ACTUALLY DAMAGED IN THE IMPACT, I could go on and on about this game

Im also playing this game on IMPOSSIBLE and find it quite easy to beat. You just move constantly, shoot (There is sadly a default auto-aim option enabled that you cannot disable) and press "tab" or whatever you have to evade bullets. HOWEVER, a nearby grenade explosion is almost guaranteed to kill you, so for MAXIMUM realism, I recommend playing this game on IMPOSSIBLE

Im not gonna complain about the check point system, I love the checkpoint system. it makes games more challenging. Plus there still is a SAVE option, although it doesnt work in its original meaning

The story is blah. Who cares? Some of the missions that they give you though are somewhat original and a breath of fresh air from some of the repetitive GTA missions. However, most of those missions are, attack, kill, destroy, blow up, move on. It would have been nice if they added an element of stealth to the game though. It would feel great if could actually play as a somewhat silent or stealthy lethal saboteur. I would also like it if they imposed a penalty for killing civilians both on purpose and incidentally.

I know this game won't win the game of the year award since there is no real substance I guess, but unofficially, this will probably be the gamer's choice No 1 game of 2010. (I hope Metro 2033 wins the game of the year though, which I rationally know it won't)

This game is a pinnacle of guilty pleasure if I can say that. It absorbs so much of my time that I barely have enough time for myself, and its only my second-third day of playing the game. For the third day in the row I come to work late with blood-shot eyes. I actually prefer to staying home and playing this game all weekend and after that, instead of going out with my gf. That's how much impact this game had on me.

If you are an extremely busy person with a busy schedule, i do not recommend playing this game until you find some time to kill, otherwise you'd get the plants vs zombies syndrome, where you cannot stop playing the game and start missing out on life. But I guess, now it's gonna be the Just cause 2 syndrome

I don't want to get emo about this but I'll say honestly that it's actually games like these that make me sorta happy that I was born with enough luck and resources to actually play them, but I'm only speaking for myself here.

Until then, the most rational case for you is to buy this game, support the developers and enjoy it fully until your eyes bleed and your brain melts, since forgetting about reality as much as possible should be the just cause of all gamers.