Too unreal but very funny, relaxing and addictive!

User Rating: 9.5 | Just Cause 2 PC
Although it is very unreal (you cannot walk on a airplane and jump on a speedboat at full speed without getting a scratch! xD Or be one person against an entire army =O Or better use a grapple to enter in a plane in flight =C), the graphics are really perfect and the gameplay is funny, fluid and relaxing! Become a professional stuntman with extreme tricks in this sequel all to play! An addictive must have for fans and for not-fans! The best modern action adventure game of 2010!

Graphics: 10 (Very realistic open-world and explosions)
Gameplay: 9.5 (Fluid and realistic movements, lots of weapons)
Reality: 1 (Infinite parachutes, unreal stunts, unreal use of grapple, unreal shootings)
Fun: 10 (Extreme and relaxing tricks, extreme and fun accidents, lot of chaos)
TOTAL: 9.5 (Is a must have fun game like GTA!)