Is there a trick to finding everything in a town?

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Other than looking for maps online, is there a way to find everything in a city easier? i spent an hour last night going in circles and am at 91% of a town. I can't find what i'm missing. I don't really want to cheat, but being 3% done on the game, i don't have enough free time to spend that much time trying to clear every town this slowly.


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If there its,i haven't figured it out and it's frustrating. In the big cities, when you get to90% and up, its like looking fora needle ina haystack. One thing that helped me, especially on larger mil sites, was to walk the perimeter. keep walking around just outside where it shows you your location and percentage. So walk out of the compound till the percentage disappears then angle in till it shows, and walk the whole outline of the base this way. Some are shaped funny and have outlying guard posts, barracks, or Sam sites you have to find.