The best dino game ever!

User Rating: 9.5 | Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis PC
I had this game about 6 years ago and I'm still loving it! It's the ultimate dinosaur park simulation, the perfect game for dinosaur and Jurassic Park fans. Even if you don't like dinosaurs, you should still take a look of it. One of the funnest games I've ever played. Basically the main object of the game is to build a theme park with real dinosaurs so eventually your park can be rated 5 stars by the Ingen company. It's a very fun process and I can guarantee that you'll love it. But while building the park you'll have to concentrate on doing other things too, like making sure your Paleontology teams are finding fossils for dinosaur DNA so you can actually make dinosaurs, you have to research into attractions and security systems, and of course, you need to actually make dinosaurs and make them comfortable in the environment of your park. But this is what makes it really fun: you will encounter problems along the way. Besides, you can't have a perfect theme park without encountering problems can you? First thing you'll probably encounter is the feedback of your visitors. There's a chance they might be a bit angry at the start, but that's natural because you can't build a lot of things at the start anyway because you don't have a lot of money at first. So as you go along, make sure you build enough attractions and amenitites for you'r visitors so they'll give you good feedback and you'r park's rating will increase! Another thing you will encounter at first is your dinosaurs catching diseases. This provides danger to the dinosaurs and your visitors might not be too happy about it. So as soon as you hear about it, make sure you heal the dinosaur by sending a ranger helicopter to do the job. Financial problems can occur as well, and this is a very frustrating problem, because sometimes you can go bankrupt and you can't do anything about it! But you can avoid it by doing things like not hiring too much cleaners and charging visitors a bit more for food and attractions. And lastly, natural disasters. Tornadoes and thunder storms can occur by suprise. Thunder storms can stop helicopters from flying, which is a problem because you might want to rescue visitors. Also, lightning can strike the 'hot air balloon' attraction and it'll fall and your visitors might fall into a dinosaur enclosure. So what I do is close the balloon attraction when thunder storms occur. But tornadoes are the worst, they can completely destroy your park in about 20 seconds! But the visitors are the most important thing, so make sure to put the park in emergency mode when a tornado comes, and your visitors will run into the visitor shelters. Those are all the problems in a nutshell. Overall, it's an excellent park building game with a lot of things to do. Also, there are 12 missions and 12 exercises to complete. If I were you, I'd complete the exercises before you start building your park. Very helpful stuff. The missions are very fun too, and will be setting you on a number of different adventures. When you complete all the 12 missions, you will unlock a feature called 'Site B'. Site B is where you can build your own private park with no fences, no security systems and no visitor attractions. Just dinosaurs. It's woryh doing it to see what happens! The only bad things about this game is the limits. When building a park you have limits to have a certain number of dinosaurs and a certain number of buildings, which I think is ridiculous, but the limits aren't that strict so it's all good.