Bionic bunny can soar!!!!! AWSOME! Get the title? ^ "all flash" hehe

User Rating: 8.6 | Jumping Flash! PS
Man this game brings back a few memories. It still a pretty freakin cool game too. Your this little robot rabbit and your in this like sky platform. If i remembe your job is to collect certain objects from the smaller higher order to get them you gotta jump....and this bunny can. Takes a bit of skill and can get your palms sweating trying to land on those platforms.

Anywho great game if you can find it.!

Umm need more words.....damn this is like doing school work....gotta have a 100 word essay....OMG thats still not enough! ill be a son of a *****. This is too much!!! I said all i wanted to say!!!!!!!!!!!1