User Rating: 7.8 | Jumping Flash! 2 PS
Let me just say that Jumping Flash 2 is a great game. I know you might think that this game is weird and for little children. Nothing can be further than the truth. But its very cool to. The game is about a giant alien being named Kabuki. He(or she. I can't tell) takes over the planet of the Muu Muu's. Than Robin the robatic rabbit is sent to save the world and to stop Kabuki. I know at first you may think the syory is stupid and cheesy but its really funny. GAMEPLAY: You get to go to 6 beutiful worlds and save the four Muu MUU's in each stage and fight 7 different bosses. Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for its time. Its still a little choppy in some parts of the game but of course that was as good as playstaion 1 got. soud: the music in each level fits it perfectly. The sound effects are pretty godd but could have been better. Ovarall very good. value: The value is the games weakest point. The game is way to easy since I beat the game in almost 2 hours. Also the game is to short. Even though they added the extra and super modes its still to short. In conclusion: This game is a very good and simple game with plenty of twists to keep you entertained. I suggest you buy or rent the game. I have really enjoyed playing this game and can't wait for the third game to come out. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!