Jump Superstars Cheats For DS

  1. Different Colored Ink

    During the introduction, press L or R to change the color of the ink you use to scribble on the bottom screen (With the Jump Pirate face). The initial color is white, and the others are black, pink, blue, cyan, green, yellow/orangish, red, and gray.

    Contributed by: mushroomfantasy 

  2. Change the type of the block in training mode

    When entering training mode through the deck maker, the block is a power character by default. Hold up or down before entering training to make it a knowledge character. Hold left or right to make it a laughter character.

    Contributed by: Joshumaru 

  3. How to get Goten help Koma

    Get 200 koma to get the Goten help koma

    Contributed by: cloakkirby 

  4. Unlock Kakashi

    Collect 360 koma in J-Adventure mode.

    Contributed by: Genroh 

  5. Unlock Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Collect 450 koma in J-Adventure mode.

    Contributed by: Genroh 

  6. Other unlockable komas

    Komas you unlock from doing something other than beating J-Adventure mode missions.

    The easiest way to get the "Battle x times" komas is to repeatedly fail the "get hit once and you lose" missions in J-Adventure mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Battle 350 times 7Bobobo battle koma
    Battle 450 times 7Don Pachi battle koma
    Get 655 komas total 7Goku battle koma
    Get 540 komas total 7Ichigo battle koma
    Battle 300 times 7Luffy battle koma
    Battle 400 times 7Naruto battle koma
    Battle 500 times 7Sasuke battle koma
    Get 420 komas total Ichigo help koma

    Contributed by: PoL4RiZ, kyozenbaka 

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