GS ain't got no clue on how good this game is. Let me tell ya what I mean.

User Rating: 8 | Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights X360
So, you might be thinking, "yeah yeah the tuner scene is out of date" but the games haven't stopped. with EA's NFS ProStreet round the corner and Rockstar's Midnight Club: LA coming next year, THQ's Juiced 2 has just come out slightly earlier that its rivals. Is this well thought out or has been rushed?

Well, As I live in the UK, I just got it today and I have to say, This is one hell of a tuner game! the range of cars are superb, the background babes are hot and the soundtrack (which is mainly techno) really suits the racing. As a fan of small cars, I started with the C2 VTS. Not what you call the fastest starter car, so I decided to modify it. There are endless amounts of customisation options, it is unbelievable,.. Like the first Juiced, It wasn't long before I got my second car. This game is a bit easy, but in a enjoyable way. betting is fun, hearing racing talk is funny, and customising your avatar is a nice little touch.

Like most good games, this one has drawbacks. If you are an offline player, you only have career mode, no arcade mode, and you can't see all the ninety cars, and you don't even have a car list. And then comes the biggest let down: the handling. Sure, you can get used to it, but the steering is just so loose. Oh and if you think that is bad, don't get me started on drifting.....

Juiced 2 had some very good concepts, the HIN tour, the avatars and have 90 cars. This is a good game, but it is missing those little finishing touches to make this a brilliant game. Avoid the handling problems and those other little bugs and you have a great tuner game on your hands.