takes all the best from Yakuza, and greatly improves it

User Rating: 9 | Judgment PS4

Yakuza Kiwami 2 was a really good game, but it did get repetitive, the storyline meh, and the mechanics cumbersome (like lacking shortcuts, not being able to skip individual lines of dialog like in Witcher 3). Yakuza 0 had the different fighting styles but the old engine held the game back badly and made it annoying to play.

Judgment has suprised me. It has the same beautiful Kamurocho, but Ryu Ga Gotoku finally got the mechanics right, and has added non-fighting components that really add to the game. The storyline is thankfully engaging, considering how knowing and following it helps big time with completing and doing well in the game. The graphics are great, and the music is less grating than in YK2. Yagami is an interesting character with an awesome story. Don't let the bad reviews from those bitter than it's an exclusive get you down.