Judge Dredd is the coolPolice i liked to have in my hometown

User Rating: 5 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death PC
Judge Dreed is a first person shooter palying in the mega city one there it lives more than 400 milliin people. Th game is an inspiration from the comic Judge Dredd. The comic is rather nasty and bloody. The evil world around Judge makes him a good person because is he really so good? The game is about saving mega city one from Vampires and undeads that is raging the city. The boss of all this is no one other than Judge Death. This is the plot.

Graphics : The graphics is pretty pretty bad The city and sourandings look the same in almostevery chapter. The judges and vampires and undeads doesnt either looks good

Sound: The sound is Ok. The music does it works and the voices is ok especially Judge Dreeds.

Control: The control is not good it could have beesn better. The movement is average but the camera has problems following sometimes. the buttons is ok but the standar scheme sucks so i recomend you change to your favorites.

Value: The main story is really short and made in 3-5 hours. You also has a Arcade mode were you do pretty much the sama ea in the story so it doesnt add so much in my opinion because when i played the story i didnt want to play the arcade that much. You got a lot of multiplayer options instead and that is pretty funny in the right dozes.

Tilt: Th game is Ok its not a game you wont remember after playing it to the end but under the 3-5 hours of gameply the main story offers you can have an ok time. Its pretty funny to see were the story end .

+ The story, The multiplayer and its options.
- The graphics, Control could have been better. Short main story,

Graphics 4
Sound 6
Control 4
Value 5
Tilt 6