Is this game really worth it?

User Rating: 7 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death PS2
The main aim to this game is to keep peace in Mega City 1 sounds easy enough very wrong. The game starts off nice and easy arresting a lot of lawbreakers whether you choose to arrest them or not is your choice but can make the game more fun. Eventually when your bored of that you eventually get vampires attacking the city and of which they are extremely hard only one type of bullet is that effective. From there you are to track down the 4 dark judges through some great maps such as a mall, hospital and streets of Mega City One. Though there are some good levels and the graphics are quite good for PS2 but was over anticipated by the public. The sound of this game are not great as the same few sounds are played over and over again by the same characters or monsters etc. The multiplayer is difficult but worth playing when you have a lot of comps on your side. I decided to give it a 7 because although it has bad points the game is playable and better with a friend but don't be expecting too much from this game.