Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death Review

User Rating: 6.5 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death PS2
The JUDGE DREDD franchise has suffered a lot of bad games, in the brand's past-life, but, Judge Dredd's latest game: DREDD VS. DEATH, doesn't exactly change the course of the franchise, but it's polished itself within its' own bland way.

JUDGE DREDD: DREDD VS. DEATH has a lot of faulty and annoying controlling. All sorts of pointless moves like 'crouching' and even jumping are all different control buttons like the L3. It is a consistent nightmare to even move or get used to the controls. Thankfully, there is always the 'Change Controls' option in the Pause Menu. It will probably take you some time to change controls that you will get used to in order the game to be enjoyable, other than that, playable. But, when you get controls that are nice and smooth to use, the game will still not be a classic experince, but will still be fun to play all the much-loved JUDGE DREDD essences.

The weapons, guns and machinery are nothing new to the game. The bullets equipped with every gun though are fun, cool to look at when they reach their explosive result, and actually cause an immediate effect on the villians youre shooting at. The levels, are not many, but have the dark grim and wonderfully futuristic scientific look and feel of the Dredd franchise. DREDD VS. DEATH may not be a classic, but, contains soild gameplay to genuinely put you in the shoes of Sir Dredd himself.