This game, although in no way perfect, is a great time waster and a good laugh. Old fashioned stupid hilarious fun.

User Rating: 9 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death PC
I bought this game on a whim and a strange conversation I had had with a friend years ago about it. Now my opinion may be slightly biased because Judge Dredd is awesome, but in my opinion, if you take this game lightly, and just mess around, it is a great game.
There is plenty of dark humour is this game, ranging from the plot itself, through to the hobos who can be set on fire and hunted down (a surprisingly fun past-time for me, seeing as how I usually take the nicest route possible). As I stated before this game is not brilliant as a shooter and not to be taken seriously; the AI has its problems, but usually this just adds to the hilarity; there are strange bugs, but none that I noticed which ruin the game, unlike many modern games. Another thing I loved about this game is the Law Meter, or whatever it was, where doing good things, such as taking down a criminal and arresting them rather than killing them, will reward you with safety; but, bad things, such as setting hobos on fire will eventually lead to squads of other judges being sent in to kill you.
This game has great longevity, in my opinion. First off it the storyline itself, where you can go back and try to get the best score you can on each level; then there is the additional arcade like missions, where you have to try and get the highest score, usually surviving against waves of "perps" or even the undead. Then there is what I call the hilarity-replay factor. From my experience, punching a zombies head off rarely gets old, and I would often go back to levels and run around punching everything in sight.
This game is also extended by the co-op, which can be lots of fun, if not lacking in the specific co-op campaign of many modern co-op games.
The difficulty of this game varies greatly, from extremely easy to ridiculously hard. In my opinion the small fights up towards the final boss where more difficult than the boss itself. I guess that kind of represents the whole game; it often builds up and then crumbles down, and it certainly could have been much better.
I would just like to say how I have rarely had such a great, simple, and fun time in any other game, and would recommend this game to anyone with a love of the Dredd, stupid fun, or just a great laugh.
P.S to anyone looking at my score and asking what I am on, I am an optimistic person who sees the best in things, EG this is a very good game from the perspective of a silly shooter.