Arresting folk for no reason is the most fun I've had in a while.

User Rating: 8.3 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death GC
Seriously, arresting random people you meet is fun. I sent a guy to prison for 3 years for smoking. It's quite funny how in level 1, you have to arrest some people for graffiting, most of them won't give in without a fight, the ones that do get a few years. When you arrest the others they get life for resisting arrest. The levels can be frustrating, especially the vampire one. When you don't kill a vampire quick enough, it will more than likely kill a human, and you lose part of the good judge meter at the side.

Graphics- 7/10- Really quite good. There are some grotesquely fat people, who have been animated well.

Gameplay- 9/10- a decent shooter, and arresting people is the most fun I've had in ages

Sound- 6/10- Good speech samples and some spoken adverts as well. Judge Dredd's voice sounds so cheesy- "Freeze, Lawbreaker"

Value- 8/10 Multiplayer and a challenge mode as well. really quite good.

Trust me, If you buy this you won't get bored of it quickly and arresting people is so fun