I felt compelled to review this game cos the other reviews didn't seem to do it justice! (no pun intended).

User Rating: 9 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death PS2
I have to say that i have gone back to this game many times and find it difficult to stop when i start. I have played this game into the night a lot, and have had to stop myself in order to get some sleep so i can function the next day. Before i get stuck into reviewing this game, I must state that I am a hardcore fan of Dredd, and the first few years of the 2000ad comic that the story spawned from. I think it would be a very good idea if anybody that is thinking of playing this game, got their hands on Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 1, (2 and 3 also if you liked 1), to get some idea of the concept behind the story and character of Dredd.

I find that a lot of people (especially from the usa) don't understand the sarcasm and cynicism of the 2000ad story, and why should they, when the main introduction the usa got to Dredd was that huge steaming dog turd from hollywood, and it was also destroyed by the incredible miscasting of shorty stallone.

Anyway back to the game...

If you don't like the controls, good news, you can change them in the options menu. This is a feature that every game out there should have. I don't know how many games I have played that have been spoiled by not having this choice. When this is done the controls are sweet and smooth.

The game starts off a bit boring, but as soon as the vampires arrive, things get pretty hectic. Some reviewers seem to find them pretty hard to deal with, but there's a knack to it, and when you discover how to deal with them it's pretty easy, but still satisfying to blow them away especially with an incendiary shot and watching them running around in flames (from a safe distance of course, cos they can still cut you up)

The a.i. of the perps can be really irritating simply because 'they' are ridiculously accurate, even if you quick peek around a corner. This comes to the fore in 'the docks' chapter and it's a beeeaatch cos med-packs are few and far between. but hey, it ain't supposed to be easy is it.

The main problem with the game is in the title Dredd vs Death. The Judge Death fight is a walk in the park and doesn't deserve to be the final chapter and the Judge Mortis one is also pretty lame.

I think it's a shame that this game was brought out when it was. Mega City is supposed to be an over-crowded metropolis, like, say, for instance, the way somewhere like Tokyo is now. The streets and the mall are pretty empty in the game, and i wonder sometimes how cool it would be with the new 'swarm' technology that is in games now like 'dead rising'.

As for the arcade games that are unlocked after you finish each level, some of them are damn hard, and i found some of them too difficult to beat, but having said that, I know I will return to them occasionally to try to beat them.

So there it is. I have included most of the negative points of the game cos I wanted to keep the review 'real', but I found this game very enjoyable and as I said before, I have gone back to this game many times, and i will continue to do so in the future which is why I gave this game a big fat nine!