This is game is just plain sad

User Rating: 3.4 | Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death XBOX
In Judge Dreadd, you play Judge Dread, some future cop that arrests people every where he goes. The first few levels are exciting, but after that, it goes down hill. The main part is to just arrest people or just shoot them. It might be fun at first, but then it gets old when you see the same information three times in a row. You also get a cool pistol that can shoot heat seeking missiles. Which is the best weapon in the game.

The wall has the best texture out of everything else in the game, but too bad, everything else has the same texture of the walls, which is just plain dumb and wortless. The character models look lame as well, same with the enviroment, it's just so dull

Soundtrack is horrible, dialouge is even more horrible, the only good sound is no sound, so when you play, listen to your I-pod.

Aresst or shoot, that's the main purpose of the game, fighting zombies just makes the game worse, even co-op is not even worth it, IMO. Do not buy or even rent this game.