This game will take you out of this world!!! *Sob*This needs a sequel... :(

User Rating: 10 | Jet Set Radio Future XBOX
The Cel-Shaded graphics are pure eye candy,the soundtrack is mind-blowing,and the story is sooo fun!
If you've never heard of JSRF and come here,it might be because you saw and heard stuff from JSRF on Sega Superstars or Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing,am i right?Well,SEGA need to get this game a sequel,as a sequel has been requested by thousands,and SEGA could gain alot of new players,racking in more money.They just don't realise...
The plot of this game is about a group called the GG's,who fight to take control of Tokyo,as other street gangs are trying to do.It isn't always that easy.Not when the Rokakku police are around,attempting to stop all the graffiti.
Story mode is where you should start first.You'll start as a guy named YoYo,a green-haired wacko with a blue hoodie.(His dog wears glasses lol)You'll be at the GG's garage,and will need t pass a tutorial to join the GG's.After that,your free to travel around Tokyo with 24 different playable characters.(21 are unlockable)The Story mode is excellent,and very lenghtly if you're going for 100% completion.
Now,if you have a friend and 2 controllers,you can play multiple different types of Multi-player games.Really fun and if you only have 1 controller,you can play against AI opponents.
Now for the Extras.You get to create your very own graffiti tag with a powerful tag creator.You can create more than one different tags,but can only use one at a time.The thing that is impossible to forget about this game is it's soundtrack.You'll be dancing while playing JSRF,this is'JSRF'on YouTube and you'll find all the game's music.Why not search it now?
Overall,this game is a game you should not miss.If you find this game and don't buy it,YOU'LL BE SORRY...