This game will make you feel like you are in Tokyo Japan spraying graffiti and running from those police.

User Rating: 9.5 | Jet Set Radio Future XBOX
This game is very high energy video game. The story is Phenomenal, with the DJ running Jet Set Radio, he always updates you on what's happening on the streets of Tokyo Japan. This game can be hard at first, but soon it gets very easy. Although there are some fun stuff that you can unlock subsequent after the game that are fun. You can get new characters such as the rival gangs that you battle with, and even the villain. The controls are very easy to use. A is simply to be able to jump and B is to go faster, and so on. You can choose through three characters at the beginning of this game such as Gum, Corn, and Yo-Yo. The next character that you unlock is Beat, and then Ryth. The epic music has been the most recognizable feature of this game. Overall, this game is perfect for anyone who wants a Japanese action game, and I most definitely recommend it to those XBOX or XBOX 360 gamers who are searching for more.