A unique and stylish soundtrack, innovative mechanics and big replay value make this platformer a breathe of fresh air!

User Rating: 9.5 | Jet Set Radio Future XBOX
Jet Set Radio Future is a game that almost virtually anyone can sit down to play and enjoy, even to this day. It's a complete package of platforming and replay value, and has aged extremely well. As a sequel, it is one of the best I've seen and played. There are so many differences and updates to the original that I seriously can't go back and play the first one without feeling that the game is incomplete.

There are so many things done perfectly in this game, that it would be hard not to give it a 10 for me. However, only two flaws I've found remove the game's perfect-10 status: the camera angle can be a bit frustrating at times, mostly when spraying graffiti, and the momentum you build up as you grind and jump is sometimes way too much, but other than that, the gameplay is fluid and the controls are solid. The soundtrack may get annoying sometimes but that's more a matter of personal taste in music.

The game is considered an extreme sports game or a 3D platformer. It's more of a platformer, but it has many traits borrowed from extreme sports games. I find the skating and grinding and tricks on a much more pleasing and satisfactory level than other similar games I've played. It's a simple and sincere mechanic and frankly not much thought or process was put into it, but it's done just right. No useless flailing of the control stick or random button combinations, just pure skill in timing the trick button.

You can choose or custom design your own graffiti artstyles, based on your personal preferences, and you have a wide array of characters to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in their respective sets of tricks, jumping, grinding, spraying graffiti, etc. The characters are likeable and the dialogue, especially when its from the DJ, is very humorous and street-like. The plot obviously isn't strong, but who cares? It's a platformer, an amazing one at that, and in a game like this, a plot is barely even necessary. The dialogue more than makes up for it.

Overall the game is very impressive, even to those who might play it for the first time in this day. It has hold up extremely well, and it's just slightly short of perfect. I've yet to find someone who played this and disliked it. It's just what a game should be: pure, crazy unadulterated fun. One could just sit for hours upon hours skating around the cities and on the grinds in the game and would still be having fun. No repetitiveness, and the difficulty is just right. It gets a bit hard at times but it's nothing too exaggerated. I recommend this game to any one, any gamer at all. I don't care if you only play RPGs, or RTSs, or FPSs, or Organized sports games. This is a must-play for any gamer out there who likes having fun.