One of those great first releases for a great system: this game is a masterpiece.

User Rating: 9.4 | Jet Set Radio Future XBOX
Jet Set Radio Future was released quite some time ago, and all of my friends were raving about it. So I spent like 5 bucks at gamestop and popped it in my brand new Xbox. At first, the game was kind of freaky, but as I played through it got better and better! This game is very unique, it's about a roller skating Japanese tagger team, how peculiar is that? You basically complete coarses and tag everywhere, fight some bosses in cool ways, and progress through the levels. There are many places to venture to, so you will be playing this game for a while. I liked the names of the levels and characters. There are many players that join your team too. Each is unique in statistics and look. THere are also many secret players you can only get after completing the game, leaving plenty of bonuses. The music is also another awesome thing! There is a sound track for this game, and although rather explicit, it's awesome! So sound got a 10, because you really can't get any better then a sound track that is actually good. Multiplayer is alright, you may spend 1 or 2 hours there, and then get bored, but story is long enough. It took me maybe 26 hours to get everything, so yeah. I hate to give tens, so this game scores itself a 9.4 and it will never be traded in by me. It costs maybe 10 dollars maximum to get this game, so get out there people! Play a classic that could keep you hooked for hours! This is my conclusion, peace out