Awesome and Addictive!!!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Jet Set Radio Future XBOX
From beginning to end this game keeps pulling off fantastic standards. You quickly learn the controls and even if you don't, Roboy will teach you.

The missions are pretty easy but the Jet Rankings will challenge you, and separate the real gamers from the small timers.

The graphics are based on Japanese cartoons and this makes the oriental feel to the game stand out.

The music on this game is brilliant!!. Even 'Birthday Cake' with its annoying screams is so rubbish its great! My personal Favourite is 'The Answer'.

The characters range for everyones liking. From the punky gum, to the bling bling Combo. From the evil Poison Jam to the oh so sweet looking Rapid 99, there is a player for everyone.

All in all this game rocks. And I have to admit Im addicted.