This is the kind of games that makes you return to the time when you discovered video games. Trust me, it's that good.

User Rating: 10 | Journey PS3
Journey is a game that is focused on exploration and discovery. It is a somewhat open world but done in a way that there is only a predefined path, maybe with some shortcuts here and there. I know that doesn't sound like too much fun but it is, first and foremost because the game has a graphic style that could match a fine arts piece along with dynamic music to match the mood. Second of all, there is no violence which is a relief from all the killing and maiming that videogames seems to be focused on these days. The multiplayer mode is done in a way that you will be wondering if that is really another person and with that stranger you will share a very strange connection.

I was reading the developer's blog and this game is the result of his master thesis on interactive film. It is the last game of a series of three games based on emotional feedback. It is a very interesting concept and I really recommend that you try it. I totally give it a 10. There is nothing I would change in this game.