Journey is a short and sweet experience that will leave you satisfied.

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
Journey is an experience that can't be compared to other games out at this time. It is miles above many other art games. Unlike Dear Esther i found that Journey is compelling in every facet: visually it is stunning, the music fits the moods perfectly, and the story baits you along with such a simple elegance. The game likely took under 3 hours to complete, but that experience left me satisfied with the end result.

You are constantly driven throughout the game towards your end destination, the whole time feeling as though you are following your own instinct. You don't feel as though the game is dragging you towards it. The game also utilizes hills and valleys to make travelling a pleasure throughout the game.

Along your travels you may also come across another player - which only ads to the journey. The idea of being unable to speak each other is an interesting spin that is well implemented. It is especially nice that you are able to help each other out, and making two people able to achieve things impossible on your own. This makes co-operation a plus. When your companion leaves you... you inevitably feel a bit lonelier.

This is definitely an experience everyone should partake in.