critics need to praise BETTER games.

User Rating: 1 | Journey PS3
This is a typical example of the critics do not know what they're talking about, that they do NOT like them games that are good and like the games that are NOT good. Journey is one such game, a completely pointless game on an ugly figure running around in a lot of sand, you can not jump or turn.

This is one of the most boring game I played. I get tired after taking hold of the controls, this game is a game for the *** who likes silly games. brainless zombies.

Its a classic case of critics NOT knowing what they are talking about....

The first time I heard about this game in a no tion, I realized that this was pure crap. I've tried it now and I was right. It is so worthless, that you would rather sell your PS3 and forget that you ever tried this game.

If you are a zombie. for those who like infinite transient in a desert with no points. instead, the wasting of your time, pick up a game .. Any other game That You Have handy as long as it is not this one.